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"I drew my best strength from my homeland"

The half-timbered property of the (winegrower) Wengerter family Kuhnle in the picturesque Stockelbach breathes the spirit of centuries-old wine-growing tradition. Here, in the "Guten Stube" of the winery, the visitor can feel the roots of local viticulture and the close connection of the Wengerter family to work with the wine and to viticulture with all their senses.


Guests and visitors from near and far, from the neighborhood as well as from the alpine Mittenwald,  from the North Sea coast or even from neighboring countries are welcome here. And again and again, wine lovers who have traveled from far away are particularly impressed by the homely atmosphere of the winery and the picturesque location of the village ofstockinglbach. Nestled in the narrow valley, surrounded by steep vineyards on one side and orchards on the other, it is the pearl among the Swabian wine villages. It is thanks to the prudent foresight and modesty of the ancestors that many of the stately old half-timbered houses have been preserved inStockelbach.

Of course, the Kuhnles harvest their grapes in a quality-conscious manner and process them gently into fine grape must. The fermentation of the young wine takes place in cooled stainless steel tanks, so that the aromatic odors and flavors remain dissolved in the wine and the fruit and breed can fully unfold when drinking in the wine glass. The valuable red wines go through a mash fermentation with long standing times.  


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They are stored unmixed in the barrique barrel to marry the tannins of the oak for 24 months. This develops wonderful and expressive aromas. The high-quality cuvées are composed of the various individual varieties to form a harmonious new creation.  


This is the result of a great deal of care and sensitivity  excellent Cuvée Cabernet. It matured in the sandstone cellar  dating from 1530  stockinglbacher forest house.


Fresh, fragrant and sparkling white wines are on offer together with sustainable and full-bodied red wines. What they have in common is the demand for high quality, conscientious winegrowing and careful winemaking, which is still associated with a lot of manual work today.

The Kuhnle family guarantees with their name for wines of the highest quality with a unique taste and excellent digestibility. Many awards and recognitions are testimony to this achievement. In this way, the connoisseur can always choose the best for himself, and every decision becomes an enjoyable gain.


The Kuhnle winery offers a whole series of events throughout the year to get to know the wines, the business and the family. Friends of Remstal wine are always welcome guests.


Bernd Maylaender

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