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Safety Car driver Bernd Mayländer has petrol in his blood and has the Remstal in his heart. Now he has received the award for "Remstaler of the Year" 2022.

In Formula 1 fan circles, Bernd Mayländer is well known as a man for difficult situations. Whenever there are critical scenes, his silver-colored safety car whizzes through the curves to slow down the field of drivers. And that for 22 years now and now uncatchable 404 Formula 1 Grand Prix's. Many (television) viewers, but also the majority of Formula 1 colleagues know only too well that a genuine Remstaler is sitting in it.

With his down-to-earth manner, the 50-year-old Schorndorfer, who has lived with his family in Plüderhausen for a number of years, is in fact the typical breed of people in the Remstal: cosmopolitan and at the same time modest, honest and reliable, inventive and knitz, always hard-working and always reliable.


“And so Bernd Mayländer succeeds in promoting his home region on the international stage in a sympathetic way. We would like to thank you very much for this with the award for Remstaler of the Year 2022!", emphasized Mayor Michael Scharmann in his capacity as chairman of Remstal Tourismus eV at the presentation of the award on November 30, 2021.

Bernd Mayländer was touched when the "Krählesbinder" was presented and emphasized that he was proud to be from the Remstal. "I'm really honored. At the same time, the award gives me a welcome opportunity to represent my homeland even more – be it in Montreal, Monte Carlo or Monza!”

And in addition to participating in tourism association events as a guest of honour, such as the wine meeting in February 2022 (with your own driver, of course), there is also a very special photo shoot in the diary:  with REMSI, the cuddly bee mascot of the Remstal in the speedy safety car.


During the race itself, the field of drivers remaining behind the pole position they specified now has an exclusive view of the Remstal. After all, a spot for the Remstal logo on the two safety cars has already been reserved. The addition of the title "Remstaler of the Year 2022" to his communication signature is also a matter of course for Mayländer.

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The award for Remstaler of the Year has only been given once before: in 2019 to the Remshalden entrepreneur Karl Schnaithmann, whom Michael Scharmann thanked warmly when he presented the award to Bernd Mayländer for his "enormous commitment to the benefit of the Remstal and the tourism association".

The award winner, who is honored for his services to the Remstal, receives a certificate and an exclusive bronze sculpture, designed by the artist Karl-Ulrich Nuss, who is also resident in the Remstal.


The "Krählesbinder" symbolizes the tasks of Remstal Tourism, to bundle people, communities, actions and ideas around the topics of wine, gastronomy, tourism, local recreation, culture and human interaction in the Remstal.

As a new winemaker with his own wines and wine sales, this of course fits the current prize winner even more.

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